Tiu de Haan

Tiu de Haan is an Oxford educated Ritual Designer and Creative Facilitator. Since 2005, she has been creating experiences designed to connect us to our creativity, to each other, to ourselves and to the possibility of wonder. As a creative facilitator, she reminds individuals and organizations how to play, get creative and shift their perspective so that they see the world afresh. She specializes in mini adventures that spark inspiration, creative thinking and accessing flow states, working with individuals, groups and companies who want to explore how to transform work into play. As a ritual designer, she creates bespoke ceremonies to honor the thresholds in our lives, be that a rite of passage for an organization at a point of transition, an individual stepping across a threshold in their career or any number of other transformations in work, love, life or death that call for a moment of meaning. Her Tedx talk “Why we still need ritual” has had over 14k views.

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