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(either stop smoking, quit drinking, sugar addiction/weight loss, stop gambling, fear of flying, or quit caffeine

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John Dicey


Allen Carr passed away in 2006, ironically as a result of lung cancer. It’s thought that the years he spent in smoke-filled rooms delivering his quit smoking seminars contributed greatly to his demise. I was lucky to count Allen Carr not only as my coach, mentor, and business partner but also as one of my closest personal friends. I was extremely fortunate that he cured me of smoking (I was an 80 a day smoker) and even more fortunate that he trained me to deliver his method.

I went on to treat more than 30,000 smokers face to face at his original London Centre. I was also privileged to be able to develop the method with him and my colleague Robin Hayley – both in terms of extending its reach (now available in more than 50 countries worldwide) and extending its depth – to enable the method to be applied to alcohol addiction, illicit drug addiction, sugar addiction and weight issues, gambling, debt, and junk-spending…even fear of flying.

Everyone at Allen Carr’s Easyway is working tirelessly to ensure that his legacy achieves its full potential and I’m proud to lead the team that has taken Allen’s work from London to Lisbon, from Sydney to Santiago, and from South Korea to Japan and beyond.