Inspirational Videos from Evan!

Evan Carmichael

Evan believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500k to $15mil. He now runs the biggest YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with 1M+ subscribers. He breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship. He aims to help 1 billion entrepreneurs and unlock human potential. He’s set 2 world records, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, wears 5-toe shoes and created Entrepreneur trading cards. He speaks globally but Toronto (#EntCity) is home. He loves being married, his son, salsa dancing, DJing, League of Legends, and the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s the author of Your One Word, the powerful secret to building a life and business that matter and The Top 10 Rules for Success, Rules to Succeed in Business and Life from Titans, Billionaires and Leaders who Changed the World.