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ANDREA BRANDT, PhD, MFT Psychotherapist | Speaker |


 Author Dr. Andrea Brandt is a marriage and family therapist located in Santa Monica California. Andrea brings over 35 years of clinical experience to the role of individual family therapist, couples counseling, group therapy and anger management classes.
Dr. Brandt is a recognized expert in treating a full range of emotional issues, including anger & aggression, anxiety & trauma, aging issues, relationships, work-life balance, workplace, and women’s issues. In her workshops, patient sessions and presentations, Dr. Brandt reveals positive paths to emotional health that teach you how to reinvent and empower yourself. She emphasizes the mind-body-heart connection as a key to mental, physical and emotional wellness.
Upon pioneering a new approach to emotional healing, Dr. Brandt directed her attention to the study of anger management and conflict resolution. In her book 8 Keys to Eliminating Passive-Aggressiveness, Dr. Brandt examines strategies for overcoming a common yet debilitating response mechanism. In her second book, Mindful Anger: a pathway to emotional freedom, Dr. Brandt explores methods to better understand and manage the powerful emotion of anger. In her third book, Mindful Aging: Embracing Your Life After 50 to Find Fulfillment, Purpose, and Joy, Dr. Brandt challenges you to throw out the old stereotypes about aging, to look at the powerful and inspiring new evidence, and to open yourself to the very real possibilities that exist for you right now.
She holds workshops open to the public on passive-aggressiveness: 8-Keys to Eliminating Passive-Aggressive Behavior Workshop. She also trains therapists across the nation with the seminars: Mindful Anger: The Art of Transforming a Difficult Emotion into a Therapeutic Tool Seminar and Mindful Aging: Finding Fulfillment, Purpose, and Joy in Later Life.